The private collection in exhibition at Quinta de São José was born from Jorge Rodrigues’ passion for tricycles, which has been nurtured for decades by the acquisition of over 200 tricycles of national, European, North American and Asian manufacturing.In addition to children’s tricycles, the collection includes other 3-wheel cycling vehicles that have different functions and are powered by pedals or motor, such as pedal carts and a significant number of bicycles.

The oldest items date back to the 18th century, while the most recent belong to the 90s of the 20th century, among which are some rare and valuable examples.

The 65 items selected for the exhibition are representative of the various cycling vehicles that make up the entire collection, and aim to transport the visitor to a special universe where the content associated with the items’ historical and cultural value are the starting point of a unique experience.

Number of Tricycles

Reserve Material (tricycles, pedal carts and bicycles)

I love my land and liked to have ridden this museum in Baião, this did not happen because there was never large space, although the city itself have shown interest. Just it did not happen because I acquired this farm and I associated it was better to ride it here, since we already had here the property was me much cheaper queir to my land to a much larger investment. Also the location was a factor I had in mind, because here is flat against the Carrapatelo bridge, next to a road with a lot of movement, right on the border of the two municipalities, two steps of Baiao and the entrance of the Douro port which is Mesão Frio.


Museum Tricycle